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Tampereen Astrologinen Seura ry was founded on 3rd of October 1982 at 2:00 PM EET in city of Tampere in order to inform and study astrology. TAS association organizes public lectures on astrology monthly during spring and autumn seasons.

Our library contains a varied range of titles of astrological books in Finnish, English and German. Please note the listing of Ulkomaiset kirjat of kirjasto (library) sheet. TAS Association has published a wide range of self-study material in Finnish.

Tampereen Astrologinen Seura ry cooperates with partners and associations in the spirit of Age of Aquarius.


Our lectures and small group gatherings are held in Finnish and only in rare occasions in English by visitor lecturers from other countries. You may find a Finnish speaking friend to translate. Lectures are public, groups for members only.

You’ll find our current activities on the Tapahtumat page, address and contact information on the Yhteystiedot page.

You are welcome to participate in our events.